Collection: Animals Slide

Immerse yourself in the Wild Universe with FruitSmile: Discover our unique collection, Claquette Animaux, where animal instinct meets human comfort.

An Ocean of Styles: Shark Slide and More

Browse through our aquatic selection featuring the in-demand Shark Slides .

Designed to make a strong and lasting impression, these slides add a touch of bravado to your style. But don't stop there!

Our collection goes beyond sharks , offering a wide range of animals , including the captivating Fish Slides .

The Terrestrial Adventure: Versatile Animal Designs

Whether you are a lover of land or sea animals, there is a pair of slides for you.

In addition to our Shark Slide and Fish Slide, this collection also offers designs inspired by other creatures like lions , tigers and bears. Each pair is a true masterpiece, combining art and functionality.

Comfort, Durability and Wild Instinct

Made with high quality materials, all of our slides, including the ever-popular Shark Slides and Fish Slides, are made to last.

Not only do they embody the animal spirit, but they are also designed to withstand the elements and provide you with maximum comfort .

If our Animal Slides collection has captivated you, don't miss our other flagship collections: men's slides , women's slides and children's slides . At FruitSmile, we have a pair for every wild soul.